1. The pre 7am workout…when & why?

    It turns out getting up at 4:15 and training at 6:30 really doesn’t work well! A quiet gym, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and random Motown music coming on my iPod (damn shuffle) really didn’t do the job for getting me pumped this morning.

    Everyone is always asking what the best time of day is to train, should you do cardio first then weights later on in the day or vice versa? To be honest, it comes down to whatever works best for you! If you feel like the above (a.k.a. a mess) early in the morning then do your best to avoid those early sessions. Train when you have the most energy, feel the most alert and can really smash it. Doing your HIIT in the morning just because someone-somewhere-who-has-a-pro-card-does-it does not make sense if you feel like a zombie who’s about to face plant the treadmill.

    Be smart and find out what works for you…

  2. A little snippet of my legs/bum workout from the other day - I’ve only just introduced good mornings into the regime and am loving them!


  3. Foursome of triplets

    So I’ve started taking a body conditioning class at the gym where I work. In the true spirit of working hard, I started with a bang with this evil foursome of triplets. Here’s a snippet of what we did. Try it out as an alternative to the treadmill or cross trainer…yes it is harder, but that is the point - work hard, get results people!

    Complete each exercise for 60 seconds then when all 3 are completed, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat the whole thing 2 times (or 3-4 if you’re going hardcore!)

    A1 split squats
    A2 jump squats
    A3 burpees

    B1 walking plank
    B2 squat thrusts
    B3 press up burpees

    C1 box jumps
    C2 split lunge jumps
    C3 star jumps

    D1 mountain climbers
    D2 Spider-Man’s
    D3 press ups


  4. Our food shopping this week minus the meat! It’s your choice where to spend your money - on booze and take aways or on good whole foods that will get you to where you want to be. Make the right one.

  5. Cheeky snapshot of part 1 of my training today…still got a bit of HIIT and stretching to do!

  6. It wouldn’t let me attach this image…so here it is in all it’s glory!


  7. A few fingers in a few pies

    People get used to training in a certain way, towards a certain goal - a runner will run, a bodybuilder will lift for hypertrophy, a dancer will dance and a powerlifter will lift for strength and power. Now unless you are an olympic swimmer training for a gold medal (who also should partake in training outside of the pool) there are so many different things you can be trying and playing with to see what works for you and helps you get out of it exactly what you want.

    As a bikini competitor my training can be strict, regimented and all planned down to the T. I have weight trained with reps ranging from 1 to 30 with different exercises, different body parts and different intentions. Right now I’m doing all sorts. One minute I’m doing 1RMs with squats, the next minute I’m taking a HIIT spin class, the next minute I’m doing yoga (or at least trying to get into that habit!) and the next minute I’m doing pyramids/supersets/dropsets to really fuck myself up. What I’m saying is, it’s important to try different things and to realise there are many things that you can be doing that all work together nicely towards your goal. For example, I wouldn’t be able to work on squats if I didn’t have the flexibility to do so - cue the yoga. I wouldn’t be able to do crazy pyramid and drop sets without working on my cv capacity - cue the HIIT. Don’t get caught up by being the bodybuilder who turns his nose up to the yoga crew or the HIIT crew - you will be a worse lifter for it.

    Did you know that Jay Cutler (4x Mr Olympia winner) does yoga for an hour each day? At first glance you would not expect him to be a bendy yoga king, just like you wouldn’t expect someone so monstrous as Ronnie Coleman to be doing the splits. Man up and open your mind to everything that will help you towards your goal, not just the one you’ve got comfortable with.


  9. To new beginnings

    One thing I can tell you is that I started this blog out of my love for fitness, progress and being healthy. I stopped writing as I had lost it, lost that love that consumed me for so long and pushed me to succeed. I grew disheartened by the politics of the game that is competing, disheartened by the flood of motivational images that no longer succeeded in their purpose and disheartened by my own progress. On reflection, 2013 was a difficult year for me personally, I lost that uncontrollable lust to be ripped, to do no matter what it took to get there, to work hard, to succeed, to be great. It was a year where I allowed stress to take over me, like a dark cloud that just wouldn’t disappear. I let myself feel lonely, feel unhappy, feel unmotivated and it resulted in very little good. I now realise you can control how you respond to situations, you can control if you want to feel stressed or relaxed, happy or sad. I truly believe that it is the way we handle difficulties that affect our happiness, it is not what we have or what we are given but is simply making the choice to be happy regardless of what you face.

    The start of a new year holds so many possibilities. I suppose that’s why everyone choses to make resolutions, whether it be just a dream or a goal that will turn into reality. While new years resolutions rarely last, there is something so wonderful about a fresh start, fresh goals and fresh hope. You can chose whether to take this opportunity to change something in your life, to push yourself, to do something you’ve always wanted, or you can decide to be unhappy in the knowledge that you never persevered or even tried to reach your goal.

    Already this year I have moved house, moved counties and got a new job in a new gym. I have decided that things are on the up and that I will smash some shit up.

    I’m not going back to writing, I am starting anew. I am not the same girl who wrote to you before, I am stronger, more experienced and more empowered. I am preparing for my first show of the year, my big return to the stage after a year off. I am excited to write again, to compete again and to love again. Let’s reignite this love affair and get back on the horse.

    Expect all sorts of shenanigans, knowledge and the odd picture of my progress. Here’s to a new beginnings!


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