1. Foursome of triplets

    So I’ve started taking a body conditioning class at the gym where I work. In the true spirit of working hard, I started with a bang with this evil foursome of triplets. Here’s a snippet of what we did. Try it out as an alternative to the treadmill or cross trainer…yes it is harder, but that is the point - work hard, get results people!

    Complete each exercise for 60 seconds then when all 3 are completed, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat the whole thing 2 times (or 3-4 if you’re going hardcore!)

    A1 split squats
    A2 jump squats
    A3 burpees

    B1 walking plank
    B2 squat thrusts
    B3 press up burpees

    C1 box jumps
    C2 split lunge jumps
    C3 star jumps

    D1 mountain climbers
    D2 Spider-Man’s
    D3 press ups


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