1. Interview with moi on models observer!

    Helloooo everyone, check out my new interview with models observer, a fitness model and competitor website! I talk about my on and off season diet, supplementation and training along with the big no-no of dieting and how to well and truly ruin your metabolism.

    Check it out if you’re thinking of entering a competition or show or even just want to drop bodyfat - there is something for everyone! Oh and that is me strutting my stuff…i.e. tensing my quads and holding a ridiculous smile for 20 minutes that hurts my face. 


  2. CLEAN Chocolate cheesecake

    Oh yes. Thank-you Jamie Alderton for this masterpiece, we are eternally grateful. I’m going to try this one out after comp, haven’t got my bake on in faaaarrrrr too long! So here’s how it’s done:

    3 Whole Eggs
    3 250g Tubs of Quark (Or fat free soft cheese)
    4 Scoops of Chocolate Protein Dessert (Or Chocolate Whey Protein)

    ¾ Cup of Stevia (about 10g)
    30g Of Cocoa Powder 
    1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
    2 Teaspoons of Cinnamon
    1 Aluminium cake tray 
    • Put all the contents into a mixing bowl (electric is the best) and mix up for 3 mins until creamy
    • Spray the Aluminium cake tray with some fry light extra virgin olive oil and pour the mixture into the tray.
    • Put in oven at 145 Degrees Celsius for 45 Minutes
    • Leave to cool down then put into fridge for 3 hours
    The entire cheesecake Macros are..
    37g Carbs
    160g Protein

    Also……this whole Walden Farms calorie free syrups thing has got me very intrigued…they seem to be all the rage with fitness models/competitors at the moment so I may have to purchase some and give it a go! It sounds too good to be true…how can there be a chocolate syrup that you can eat during contest prep!? WHAT THE HELL.


  3. Why Plyo?

    Plyometrics seem to be all the rage in the world of bikini competitors and it is no wonder! They’re a fantastic way to burn fat, increase fitness, power, strength and agility and add a bit of variety into your workout plan. I tend to do some plyometrics on booty day or throw them in between sets as a form of active recovery to really get my heart rate going crazy. Try adding some plyometric moves into your training sessions and reap the rewards! Article below from bodybuilding.com on why YOU should be plyo-ing! 

    Plyometric exercises stimulate several different muscle groups at the same time. Although plyos are generally used to improve athletic performance, they can also be used to improve fat loss, strength and endurance. Plyometric exercises are great for challenging your fast-twitch muscle fibers, coordination and agility. All these things work together to help transform fat into lean muscle while elevating your heart rate and igniting a caloric burn!

    These exercises are very high impact, so proceed with caution if you decide to implement them into your training regimen. There’s a lot of jumping involved, and it’s relatively easy to twist an ankle, sprain a knee, or herniate a bulging disk.

    Introducing plyometrics into your cardio routine can spice up your workout. Plyometric training challenges your muscles, nerves, and tendons because you need explosive power to perform the repetitions. You’ll burn twice as many calories and have way more fun than plodding away on a treadmill or stair-master.

    And here’s one by one of my favourite fitness models, Courtney Prather:


  4. "For all of the people frustrated with the stubborn fat on your tummy or the cellulite on your legs, you are not going to like this but even as fitness models, those areas come and go on us depending on the effort that we are making. I can get really lean with some serious commitment but the moment I relax my diet or start missing workouts and my muscle atrophies, I start seeing signs of cellulite return on my legs. Aside from surgery (which isn’t full proof and can be very dangerous), there is no “do this and lose it forever”. It takes consistent effort….No one can keep intensity high or eat perfect all the time. There are times when you will feel motivated to really push and commit and there will be times when it’s the farthest thing from your mind. It’s empowering to learn what to do so that you can apply it when you’re ready but I’m sure that you’ll agree that aside from being healthy, there are far more important things in life than obsessing over our problem areas."
    Jamie Eason

    She knows what she’s talking about!

    (via meetyouintheforest)

  5. A very oiled up Jennifer Nicole Lee…such a babe.

  6. Leg motivation for tomorrow - she is ROCK SOLID!


  8. I WISH I lived in New York so I could go to this - learning from Nicole Nagrani IFBB Pro and Miss Bikini Olympia 2011 would be possibly the most exciting and helpful thing ever. Too bad they don’t put this on in Brighton…


  9. Inspiration: Erin Simmons

    A new discovery, Erin looks absolutely incredible in every single picture, her abs are perfection and I am just blown away by her - she is my new body role model! On her facebook page she writes ‘I am currently trying to get into fitness modeling’…Christ, if she can’t there’s not much hope for the rest of us! 

  10. Here’s this girl again - I want to know who she is! A fitness model with no gigantic bazongas, so refreshing.