1. Some stills from a really rather flattering video of me doing a HIIT session earlier this week. Who needs the treadmill when you can do crazy weight sessions like this… Give it a go:

    20 x deadlift

    20 x squat

    20 x bench press

    20 x clean and press

    Repeat 3 times! 

    It’s fast and challenging but trust me, you will be buzzing after it!! 


  2. Welcome to the “normal” experiment

    So I’m sitting here in a cafe with a lovely iced coffee and unusual egg in a spinach cup thingy the likes of which I have never seen anywhere else. For lunch I am off to Nandos and last night I ate Ben and Jerrys straight out of the tub with a spoon. This is all part of what I shall name the “normal experiment”. For 10 days I am living like a normal person…I am not training (resistance or cardio) and I am relaxed on my diet. I am allowing myself to have things that I fancy, whenever I fancy them. I am allowing myself alcohol. I haven’t eaten broccoli in a week. 10 days. On Monday I shall weigh myself, take honest photos (no sucking in, favourable lighting or editing the contrast on photoshop - you know what I’m talking about!) and have my bodyfat% measured by a fellow PT who is most likely going to think “holy crap how did this girl compete”?!

    This all came about due to the previously mentioned tears in the squat rack but instead of having the attitude of “holy shit I’m going to get fat and horrible and it’s gonna suck” I have decided to embrace this, throw myself into it and write about the process. Consider this an introduction to an unexpected post by a figure competitor…the post that reveals what happens when you step out of the world you are so used to and back into what most consider to be normal. I shall write up my findings of this experiment once it has been completed. As for now, I have 2 more days of “normality” and I can tell you now…I’ll be glad when Monday rolls around with its cold broccoli and grilled chicken. Now please excuse me whilst I go and devour some Nandos chicken….


  3. Tears at the squat rack

    It has been a damn long time since this happened…this takes me back to those glute/hamstring workouts every Sunday in prep for my shows - they were brutal, at the end of the hard week and many a time left me with tears rolling down my cheeks. Now this is understandable given the circumstances. However, this week that exact thing happened again. It was leg day, I had been feeling really drained and lost a bit of motivation (yes, this does happen to everyone!) and low and behold, there I was in the squat rack, with my eyes welling up. Not out of pain (that is not only ok, but welcomed!) but out of exhaustion and a little bit of something else.

    If you find yourself in this same position I did, then it is most certainly time to take some serious R&R. Everyone is always so worried about taking time off from the gym as though everything they’ve done is going to evaporate in 7 days. I assure you this will not happen - if it does, I will eat my own hat. What will happen, however, is your body is going to get a chance to recover, your central nervous system will get given a god damn break from constant hammering, you’ll feel refreshed, motivation will return and you will even GROW as as we all know, we grow when we rest, not when we are in the gym. So avoid digging yourself an early grave and let your body and mind take 5 every now and again. You will come back stronger, more energised and more motivated. Rest is one of the pillars of fitness that a lot of people ignore or forget about…don’t let that be you!


  4. PBs, perfection and the art of powering through

    Walked into the gym today feeling like I had zero energy, absolutely nothing to give, like I wanted to curl up in a ball in the office and sleep for the next few days. Therefore, the following confuses me - I’m not entirely sure what happened but somehow I ended up being an epic heavy leg session, smashing PBs on 4 of 6 exercises. BOOM. Smashed PB on leg press - 400kg for 10 baaaaaaaby! My aim is to one day fill up the whole spindle…and then after that have the need for people to sit on top of it…now THAT would be pretty cool.


    Before that were squats (shite at squats so the following is less exciting..) where I hit my PB of 75kg for 10. Followed by walking lunges with 50kg then one of my favourites - the very painful leg extensions with 60kg for 12. What came over me in those moments I just don’t know…but whatever it was, it felt awesome. 

    It all just goes to show, you don’t always have to feel like you’re going to take over the world heading into your workout…just get it done and you never know, it could be the best one yet. Don’t wait for the perfect feeling, the perfect energy level, the perfect motivation. These come up once in a blue moon so if you wait around for them then you’ll never get anywhere, I can assure you. Go in there and get it done no matter what, especially on the days where you can’t be arsed - getting through those are the ones that make the difference. It’s easy to walk into the gym and train hard when you feel really up for it…but it’s when you can’t be bothered and power through regardless…THAT’S when you’re unstoppable.

    So here’s what occured this fine Friday morning (big thanks to Tony McLean for the spotting/shouting/plate loading):

    Oh my those pictures come out rather big…hey ho. 

    P.s. my bum hurts. That is all.

  5. Are you TOUGH enough!?

  6. Hint hint….this is going to be meeeee 

  7. This is occurring tomorrow…if it’s not hurtin, it’s not workin!

  8. My bums progress

    So here it is, in all it’s glory, just like I promised. The first photo was taken when I’d just decided to enter the competition and I’m sure you can see it was a bit of a disaster zone! My behind has always been my worst area - if I eat something bad, it goes to my arse and drags it down towards the floor at a rapid rate. That is the unfortunate thing about being a woman and I’m sure there are a lot out there who have very similar behinds to that in the first picture. I’m here to tell you it is possible to improve it, to lift it and to tighten it! Just persevere and lunge and squat like your life depends on it!! Oh…and stay away from the cake and move towards the lean protein…you know it’s true!


  9. Tip of the day #5


    Get creative with exercises and combine 2 different ones together to make a super duper exercise that’ll work loads of muscles at once and makes it more fun! A couple of examples of some lower body combos:

    • Do a forward lunge holding a medicine ball out in front of you, then when you’re at the lunged position, rotate your torso to the same side as the front leg. Repeat on the other side.
    • My absolute favourite is some kind of wide plie squat/calf raise combo. REALLY wide stance squat, toes pointed right out to the sides, hold a dumbbell with both hands in front of you and squat as low as you can. At the top of the squat, come up onto your tip toes and tense your calves (as well as your glutes of course)! This is fantastic as it works the whole leg, focusing on the glutes, inner thigh muscles and calves. (Below, Jamie Eason demonstrates a plie squat - just add the calf raise in and BOOM)


  10. Oh so proud

    Above: Jenny workin that squat rack

    I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but every Friday I take my friend Jenny with me to the gym to have a hardcore training session. I get her focused on big compound movements and circuit style training and even though I get the look of death, the middle finger and other random words of abuse, I do love helping her (she loves it too haha)! Today she progressed up to 25kg bench press and 27.5kg squat and even increased the weight for shoulder presses and bicep curls!! OH YES, building the big guns and looking damn sexy while we do it (not…)!

    Meanwhile..I did my arm workout, arms still screaming at me from combat the previous night so they did not appreciate it very much at all. Oh well, it’s a rest day tomorrow and MY GOD have I earnt it this week. SHLEEPY TIME.