1. A little snippet of my legs/bum workout from the other day - I’ve only just introduced good mornings into the regime and am loving them!


  2. Opposites attract

    I am a weird type of person. Whilst I spend my days in the gym and dedicate myself to the world of bodybuilding, I find myself also being a lover of good old fashioned baking. I blame (thank) my mother for this, as after all I have grown up with what seemed like a production line of novelty, celebration and wedding cakes passing through our family kitchen. I learnt how to bake a cake before I could do a press up or knew how much protein was in 80g of chicken so it only seems right that this love continues through to my twenties. 

    Below: One of my Mothers (Jill Glazier) masterpieces


    Since I have begun this year’s first competition prep (now 12 weeks out from the South West Classic and Open Championships on 18/8), I have made a giant decadent chocolate cake (the likes of which could give an elderly frail person a heart attack within minutes of consumption), strawberry swirl vanilla cupcakes, cherry and chocolate flapjacks, chocolate brownies, carrot cake and I have just taken a new batch of chocolate and peanut butter brownies out of the oven (below). I can’t help it…it’s in my DNA.

    Some may find this hypocritical - a personal trainer who bakes cakes on Sundays - but I do not see why I should miss out on something creative that I love for the sport and profession I have chosen. This does however, mean I have a lot of homemade baked goodies which I cannot eat. Many times I have eaten a chicken salad with sweet potato whilst mixing up a batch of cupcakes - this is not a rarity. To some this may seem like madness, literally having my hands covered in cake mix and not being able to lick it off but it does not faze me. Yes, I would love to roll around in cake and peanut butter and any other deliciousness that I can find but I want the stage physique more. My Dad could not understand this - he thought I was mad, as did my partner’s Mum whom I delivered carrot cake to. According to them, my will power is amazing. To me, it is not a matter of having will power or not, it is simply down to what you want the most. If I wanted to stay where I am now and did not care about becoming 7% body fat then I assure you, I would be face down in cake almost everyday. What I want to achieve however, will not be realised if I indulge. Therefore, there isn’t even a question. That doesn’t mean I can’t make them though…



  3. 111 days

    The time has come once again, time to start the madness of competition prep! I’m now 6 days in to it, 6 out of 111, my next show being on August 18th…time to get lean! 

    It really was about time. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t do well mentally being in a ‘bulk’ phase… I did not get on with the whole being bigger thing and so I was more than ready to get cracking. So I enjoyed my last piece of cake, my last yummy meal and my last glass of the ole vino and began with the repetitiveness that is the competition diet. After 10 workouts over 5 days I can already see a slight change in my body - I am already smaller, slightly tighter and feel a whole lot better about the whole thing. Here’s to the next 15 weeks…here’s to the challenge, the sweat, the cold chicken and broccoli and the never-ending feeling of hunger….BRING IT ON.

    This so is not what I look like when hungry and craving…..

  4. Bikini client, Sade Banting at the end of our back workout last week down at Cheetah’s gym in Hove. Do you girls and guys row?? If you want a good back, both width and depth, then you’ll need to row. Along with deadlifts, chin ups and lat pulldowns, these should be your back staples!

    Coming soon… video exercise demos!


  6. A little bit of video of lunging from the other day…working the bootay! 


  7. PBs, perfection and the art of powering through

    Walked into the gym today feeling like I had zero energy, absolutely nothing to give, like I wanted to curl up in a ball in the office and sleep for the next few days. Therefore, the following confuses me - I’m not entirely sure what happened but somehow I ended up being an epic heavy leg session, smashing PBs on 4 of 6 exercises. BOOM. Smashed PB on leg press - 400kg for 10 baaaaaaaby! My aim is to one day fill up the whole spindle…and then after that have the need for people to sit on top of it…now THAT would be pretty cool.


    Before that were squats (shite at squats so the following is less exciting..) where I hit my PB of 75kg for 10. Followed by walking lunges with 50kg then one of my favourites - the very painful leg extensions with 60kg for 12. What came over me in those moments I just don’t know…but whatever it was, it felt awesome. 

    It all just goes to show, you don’t always have to feel like you’re going to take over the world heading into your workout…just get it done and you never know, it could be the best one yet. Don’t wait for the perfect feeling, the perfect energy level, the perfect motivation. These come up once in a blue moon so if you wait around for them then you’ll never get anywhere, I can assure you. Go in there and get it done no matter what, especially on the days where you can’t be arsed - getting through those are the ones that make the difference. It’s easy to walk into the gym and train hard when you feel really up for it…but it’s when you can’t be bothered and power through regardless…THAT’S when you’re unstoppable.

    So here’s what occured this fine Friday morning (big thanks to Tony McLean for the spotting/shouting/plate loading):

    Oh my those pictures come out rather big…hey ho. 

    P.s. my bum hurts. That is all.

  8. I’ve got to say, today I was not on top form… I felt a bit rough and my knee seems to not be appreciating all of the spin I’ve been doing recently. But hey ho, we must carry on regardless….so here’s a little video, a snapshot of my leg workout today! Enjoy…please excuse my red face and weird dragon breathing sounds.


  9. A Saturday Shoulder Smashing

    I realised I never post my workouts anymore so I thought I’d show you all what I did today for shoulders. I very rarely have a good shoulder workout..not sure why, it’s just one of those things but today was a whole other story! So here it is in all it’s glory, give it a try if you fancy a good high volume shoulder smashing…

    Rear delt cable flies 4x5+15 (all 4 sets drop sets)

    High rope cable pulls 4x15 (last set a drop set)

    Side lateral raises (pyramid sets) 3x20,15,12,15,20 (on the last set carry on until you’re literally just lifting up your arms!)

    Seated shoulder press (plate loaded) 3x15 superset with dumbbell front raises 3x20

    BOOM. Shoulders dead.

  10. and this is how you should look after a bum workout… sexy.